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Interinstitutional cooperation in translation and interpretation: ICTI Away Days

26 juli 2011
The Translation Centre has been an active member of the Interinstitutional Committee for Translation and Interpretation (ICTI), since its creation in 1995. The ICTI is the forum for cooperation between the language services of the EU institutions and bodies, with a mandate to achieve economies of scale in resources and complementarities as regards management practices and to carry out joint research into new working methods and techniques. The different structures within the ICTI meet on a regular basis, and this time the top decision-makers of the translation and interpretation services met for a brainstorming session at the Away Days on 30 June and 1 July 2011.

High level meetings like these are always good opportunities for exchanging views on the latest developments in the profession, and discussing more theoretical issues and topics such as the challenges the EU language services will face with future enlargements, the use of IT tools and machine translation in the institutions, and succession planning. The IATE terminology database, with its 8.4 million terms in the 23 official languages of the EU, is a direct result of this interinstitutional cooperation (see http://cdt.europa.eu/EN/whatwedo/Pages/IATE.aspx for more details). Such meetings are timely for reminding people that multilingualism is the price to pay for democracy and the Translation Centre is proud to be involved in the implementation of this multilingual policy by the various EU bodies and institutions.​