Terminology coordinator

The secret of translation quality is not just a matter of completeness and style of the target text, but also the usage of correct terminology. In fact, terminology lies at the heart of translation quality, which is the ultimate goal for the Centre as a translation service provider.

The Centre focuses on the important matter of keeping terminology updated and harmonised. There is one terminology coordinator per language team. Their role is to achieve coherent and consistent terminology in cooperation with their team members. Following this principle, the Centre’s terminology coordinators translate specialised glossaries, create and validate entries in the IATE database, network for consultation purposes with colleagues from other institutions at EU and national level, and participate in EU interinstitutional terminology working group meetings and online terminology forums. All this, and much more, goes on behind the scenes when we talk about terminology coordination at the Centre.

Being terminology coordinators, we make every effort to do our job as well as possible, and take every opportunity for professional development by attending specialised seminars and conferences. It is true that the task of terminology coordination for a language team gives us extra work and responsibilities, but at the same time it serves as a unifying link among the team members, making it a highly rewarding job.


Radmila S.