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The Translation Centre presented at a conference on professional communication

28 spalio 2011
The Translation Centre is featured in the first online issue of SYNAPS, a journal of professional communication published by the NHH Business School (Norges Handelshøyskole) in Bergen (Norway).

In particular this issue (n° 26/2011) includes the contributions made to the 2011 Conference on Professional Communication, “Specialised Communication in a Globalised Business Community”, which was organised in Bergen on 11-12 March 2011 on the occasion of the NHH’s 75th anniversary.

The conference brought together academic researchers and professionals with an interest in the language of business and language for specific purposes (LSP). The aim was to present state-of-the-art research within LSP, including work focusing on language and cross-cultural business communication from a variety of applied perspectives.

The organisers had invited the Head of the Centre’s General Affairs Department to talk about “The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union: Purpose and Activities”.

The various papers can be found at the following address: