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Officials and Temporary Staff

The Translation Centre requires qualified staff with specific knowledge and experience, especially in the areas linked to its core business.

Since its creation, the Translation Centre’s selection procedures/competitions have two objectives:

  • to fill vacancies for jobs included in the establishment plan appended to the Translation Centre’s budget, as adopted by its Management Board.
  • to recruit staff with a high level of skill and integrity, from among nationals of Member States of the European Union.

Recruitment is made either via an external selection procedure or via an internal selection procedure/competition.

Temporary Staff

The general implementing provisions on the procedures governing the engagement and the use of temporary staff at the Translation Centre were implemented in 2009.

The Centre employs temporary staff on long-term employment to perform tasks of a permanent nature that are directly linked to the core activity or are related to its administrative or organisational management (administrative support, IT, etc.).

The implementing rules set out in detail all the obligations and responsibilities of the Translation Centre and the Selection Committees in line with the selection procedures organised, either with full or limited assistance of EPSO.

For selection procedures, the implementing rules set out key phases that can by summarised as follows:

  • the department where a need has been identified must first check whether there is a reserve list corresponding to the profile sought, or publish the position internally in order to give staff the opportunity to apply. If there is no reserve list, and if it has not been possible to fill the position through an internal publication, an external procedure is launched. This procedure may respond to a specific requirement in a department (e.g. the need for a translator) or to a requirement shared by several departments (e.g. the need for secretaries);
  • advertisement of the vacancy notice, specifying the criteria concerning general and specific skills and key qualifications required, duration of employment, function group and grade, and the main steps of the selection procedure (via the Translation Centre’s website, EPSO website, Permanent Representations of the Member States and, if necessary, in international, local and specialist press or other appropriate channels);
  • appointment of a Selection Committee by the Appointing Authority and Staff Committee;
  • examination of the electronic applications based on the eligibility criteria (for e-applications, further supporting documents will be required at a later stage) and the identification of the applicants who best match the selection criteria;
  • organisation of the written test in accordance with the level and profile of the vacancy. The aim of the test is to assess each applicant’s general aptitudes, language skills, knowledge of the EU and specific competencies. The content of the written tests is determined by the Selection Committee concerned. In order to guarantee compliance with the principle of impartiality, applicants’ papers are anonymous at the marking stage;
  • organisation of personal interviews of the successful applicants by the Selection Committee. The interview aims to assess each applicant in terms of his/her personal qualities in relation to the profile sought, his/her abilities, general knowledge and knowledge specific to the post. The interviews also assess the applicant’s capacity to develop within a multicultural environment, his/her motivation and personality, and his/her oral linguistic capabilities;
  • drawing up of a reserve list;
  • applicants are informed of the outcome of the written test and the interviews and of whether or not they have been included on the reserve list.


The selection procedures for officials comply with the provisions laid down in Annex III of the Staff Regulations.

The Human Resources Section uses the EPSO Vade Mecum for Selection Boards and Selection Committees, which provides a summary of all relevant principles and practices and is designed to guide selection boards in their work and decisions.

The Translation Centre has organised internal competitions either for general profiles, such as ‘secretaries’, or for specific profiles such as ‘Head of the Administration Department’, with a view to establishing reserve lists from which the Centre can recruit.

These selection procedures are only open to staff in activity at the Translation Centre.

Contract Staff :

The Translation Centre resorts to contract staff in order to:

  • strengthen capacity in support functions for work on projects of limited duration;
  • Replace officials/members of temporary staff (AD/AST) on maternity leave, sick leave, parental or family leave, and part time work.

In 2009, the Centre implemented the general implementing provisions on the procedures governing the engagement and the use of contract staff.

For an urgent or short-term replacement, the following selection procedure shall apply:

  • vacancy notices are published on the website for at least two weeks specifying the criteria concerning general and specific competencies and key qualifications required;

  • a Selection Committee is appointed;
  • the applications are examined and those that best match the profile and qualifications required are selected;
  • interviews are organised and applicants are selected on the basis of the job description set out in the vacancy notice. The interview shall aim to evaluate each applicant in terms of his or her language skills, and their personal and professional skills. Based on the outcome of the interviews, the Selection Committee will make its decision in writing, setting out the reasons for any decision taken;
  • all applicants are informed of the outcome of the interview;
  • contracts concluded for the quick replacement of a member of contract staff cannot exceed six months. 

Contracts concluded for a short-term replacement are limited to a maximum duration caused by the single leave referred to in Articles 42, 42a, 42b and Title IV ‘Working conditions’ of the Staff Regulations.


Are you interested in applying for a selection procedure organised by the Translation Centre? Since the Centre introduced an online application system in 2009, only e applications will be accepted.

Before applying, you are kindly invited to take the time to read our FAQs – they will provide all the necessary information and outline the steps to be followed in the procedure.