The Translation Centre visits the European Fisheries Control Agency

The European Fisheries Control Agency is a European Union agency whose objective is ‘to organise operational coordination of fisheries control and inspection activities by the Member States and to assist them to cooperate so as to comply with the rules of the common fisheries policy in order to ensure its effective and uniform application’.

During the meeting, Thierry Fontenelle presented the Translation Centre, including its structure, mission, services, clients and client policy, website, turnaround times, language range, workflows and quality assurance policy. He focused on the new services offered by the Centre, such as subtitling, and on the Centre’s new pricing structure, which came into effect on 1 January 2017.

The Centre regularly translates EFCA’s Annual Work Programme into several EU languages. It also translates Joint Deployment Plans and calls for tenders. The Agency has also developed a platform for e-learning tutorials and content is currently being translated for an inspection module which will be available in several EU languages.

The Translation Centre looks forward to collaborating with EFCA and helping the agency meet its present and future linguistic needs and requirements.

Detailed information about EFCA can be found at