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Publish date: 21/02/2020 - Closing date: 31/07/2020

Call for tenders CDT-NET/2020 "Cleaning services of the Translation Centre’s premises and evacuation of the waste and the destruction of confidential documents"

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, hereinafter referred to as the Translation Centre, is launching 1 call for tender for the conclusion of a service contract for cleaning services of the Translation Centre’s premises (lot 1), as well as a service contract for the evacuation of the waste and the destruction of confidential documents (lot 2).

The Translation Centre regularly organises calls for tenders and participates in interinstitutional calls for tenders in a wide range of fields.

In accordance with its Founding Regulation, Council Regulation (EC) No 2965/94, the Centre has legal entity and may enter into contractual relations with external service providers.

The conclusion of a contract is possible only after a successful completion of strict tendering procedures in accordance with EU public procurement rules.

To submit a tender, interested external service providers should respond to a call for tender that has been launched by the Centre.

All information necessary for tendering is included either in the published notices in the Official Journal of the European Union or on this page.

Please note, however, that the Centre’s website should not be regarded as a substitute for the official publication of the call for tender in the TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), which is the online version of the ‘Supplement to the Official Journal’ of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement.

The Centre therefore accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the website’s content in this regard.

A list of ongoing calls for tenders (if any) is provided below.