Programming and reporting

On the basis of the Centre’s Strategy adopted by the Management Board, the Centre updates all related operational multi-annual planning and programming documents to align IT strategy, quality management, staff policy, competence and skills management as closely as possible with its business objectives.

Multi-Annual Strategy

The Multi-Annual Strategy sets out the vision for the years ahead and is articulated in strategic goals, which are further defined in strategic objectives and strategic initiatives, all of which are to be achieved during the reference period. Over this period, the implementation of the Strategy is measured through strategic key performance indicators.

Multi-annual work programme

The strategic objectives and actions are implemented through a set of strategic initiatives which are collections of finite-duration discretionary projects and programmes performed alongside the organisation’s day-to-day operational activities within the framework of the Centre’s multi-annual work programmes.

Annual work programmes

The Centre’s multi-annual work programmes are broken down into annual work programmes which align the strategic objectives with the practical operational activities, actions and projects set out in greater detail in the work programmes of the various departments.

Annual activity report

The annual activity report provides an overview of the Centre’s activities and achievements for the given year based on the objectives and targets laid down in the annual work programme.