The Translation Centre generally works with framework contracts based on a dynamic ranking system. 

The Centre carries out quality controls on all work supplied by its contractors. Each assignment is assessed by the Centre’s internal revisers using a standard assessment sheet.

When the quality of an outsourced job is assessed as being of an exceptionally high standard (marked as +1) or of an unacceptably poor standard (marked as -1), it is forwarded to the Centre’s Assessment Committee which is composed of independent members from different departments.

If the initial assessment is confirmed by the Committee, a certain number of points (defined in the framework contract) are added to, or deducted from, the points initially awarded to the contractor, and he may move up or down the ranking accordingly. Where the quality of an outsourced job is judged to be of acceptable quality (marked as 0), i.e. the work provided is of a level that can reasonably be expected of a professional linguist, the contractor’s ranking remains unchanged.

This ensures that the ranking of contractors reflects the actual quality of the service offered throughout the duration of the contract.

Outsourced jobs done under negotiated procedures are also quality controlled according to the same procedure, but are excluded from this dynamic ranking system which applies only to framework contracts the Centre has signed with its contractors.

The dynamic ranking system is one of the strengths of the Centre’s quality assurance model. It makes the Centre highly reactive and helps ensure consistently good quality over time.