The Finance and Facilities Department provides administrative and technical support in the areas of budgetary, finance, strategic planning, facilities and security.

Finance and Strategic Planning Section

The Finance and Strategic Planning Section ensures that the Centre’s financial management, performance, planning and strategic operations function properly and comply with all the applicable rules and regulations. It coordinates the establishment and follow-up of the Centre’s budget and maintains close contacts with the Centre’s clients to incorporate their budgetary forecasts into the Centre’s revenue budget. The Section is in charge of the ex-ante and ex-post verification of the Centre’s financial transactions. The Section prepares and implements the Centre’s Multi-Annual Strategy and Multi-Annual Work Programmes, and coordinates the preparation of the Annual Activity Report. It ensures the management of the costs models, the quality and the Centre’s performance.

Facilities and Security Section

The Facilities and Security Section ensures that the Centre’s staff, data, buildings and equipment are adequately protected against security risks and that the health and safety rules are fully implemented. The Section manages movable and immovable property, and supports and assists the staff´s needs and requests with the ultimate goal of optimal wellbeing and service standards at the Centre’s premises. The Section is responsible for preparing the budget and monitoring budgetary procedures for all infrastructure and security-related contracts. To prevent and mitigate against a rare event of major disruption to the Centre’s operations, the Facilities and Security Section coordinates the business continuity management system. The Centre recognises the importance of a proactive environmental management and sustainable practices and throughout the Section it is implementing and promoting environmentally-friendly measures while raising staff awareness on related issues.