All the Centre’s clients are now on eCdT

On 12 December 2016, an important milestone was achieved for the Translation Centre as the last of its 64 clients successfully migrated to eCdT, the new translation workflow management system. Clients now use the eCdT Client Portal module for processing their requests, from placing orders to downloading deliverables and providing client feedback.

The new translation workflow management system uses state-of-the-art technology and offers a wide range of additional features which are of particular interest to the Centre’s clients. Clients can now ask for price quotations, design their own request templates and combine several source documents in one request. In addition, the request creation wizard has been simplified, and the summary page for each request has been optimised.

As clients are at the heart of this project, a specific eCdT Client Portal testing and feedback collection exercise was held in 2015 with client representatives, which greatly helped to fine-tune the development of the tool to their needs.

The migration of clients to eCdT took place in four phases throughout 2016, with the final one being this month with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This gradual approach allowed the Centre to increase the system's throughput little by little, and thus to continuously verify and enhance the platform's stability and performance.

Migration is not the end of the project. The eCdT Client Portal will go on evolving in line with other developments the Centre plans to carry out in 2017 on the translation workflow system proper. As was the case this year, the Centre’s clients will be kept informed of these upgrades via specific training sessions.