The Centre is to translate for the European Schools

On 13 September 2016, the Translation Centre signed an agreement with the European Schools (EURSC) for the provision of language services.

As part of this agreement, the Centre will translate for the Office of the Secretary General, whose main remit is to manage the 14 European Schools across Europe, whilst also offering them advice and assistance on administrative, financial, educational, legal and other matters.

The Office of the Secretary General, based in Brussels, contacted the Centre with a view to centralising some of its translation work. The type of documents to be translated will vary, and may include teaching material, preparation for meetings, legal documents and general correspondence. These documents are most likely to come from the system's administrative services and bodies, such as the Boards of Inspectors, Joint Teaching Committee, Budget Committee and the Board of Governors.

The European Schools are public institutions, intended primarily for children of staff of the European institutions. There are European Schools in seven Member States, namely Belgium (five schools), Luxembourg (two schools), Germany (three schools), Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Around 26,000 children of nursery, primary and secondary age currently receive a multilingual and multicultural education at these schools.

Signing this agreement means the Centre has now grown its customer base to 62 clients.

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