EU Agencies‘ photo exhibition

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has created a photo exhibition about the work of the EU Agencies. Frontex, as current coordinator of the EU Agencies’ Network, took this initiative under the 2018 work programme of the Heads of Communication and Information Network (HCIN).

The Translation Centre is a keen participant in this exhibition aimed at illustrating the EU Agencies’ extraordinary contribution to the daily lives of those of everyone living in Europe. As such, the exhibition is a natural complement to the EU Agencies’ video launched on Europe Day earlier this year.

The exhibition has been conceived as a travelling show so that all EU Agency Network chairs and other interested agencies can host it. In this way, the EU Agencies now have excellent visual material for increasing the visibility of their own work and that of other agencies.

The photo exhibition and slideshow had their first viewing recently at separate meetings of the Heads of EU Agencies and Heads of Resources organised by Frontex in Poland. In both events, the initiative was warmly praised and welcomed.