Highlights of the year 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of the Highlights of the year  2017. This publication presents our main achievements of last year, showcases the diversity of our activities and depicts our role within the family of EU agencies and bodies.

With its reader-friendly approach, the Highlights of the year  nicely complements the Centre’s Annual Activity Report, which summarises the achievements of the year for the management board and the budgetary authority.

This year, for its 7th release, we have given our Highlights a new look and feel. Not only have we taken a more streamlined and focused approach to presenting the content, but we have also enhanced its accessibility by producing two versions of the publication: a printable version based on the traditional PDF and an interactive ePub. Both are now available on our website and we encourage you to try the ePub out on any of your devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).