Key achievements of the Centre in 2016

​During 2016, the Centre reached a milestone of translating over 10.5 million pages since its establishment in 1994 into the 24 EU official languages and from and into various non-EU languages, which involves over 700 language combinations in total.

The translation volume reached almost 747 000 pages in 2016 which represents a 2.4% increase compared with the previous year. Of these pages, over 289 000 accounted for documents and over 457 000 consisted of EU trade marks for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) based in Alicante. 

In addition to translation, modification, editing and revision, the Centre also provided other language services. Some 266 person/days were devoted to terminology work, over 196 000 term list entries were translated and over 1 200 minutes of subtitling were produced.

Since our clients are the Centre’s raison d’être, we increased our engagement with them during 2016. The Centre signed cooperation agreements with three new clients during the year, i.e. the Secretariat-General of the European Schools (EURSC), the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) and the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). At the end of 2016, the Centre’s portfolio consisted of 64 clients spread across the European Union.

In order to align the prices paid by clients with the Centre’s costs, a new pricing structure was adopted by the Centre’s management board during 2016 and entered into force in January 2017. The new pricing structure is a real breakthrough since, for the first time in the Centre’s history, it enables our clients to benefit from the savings and the enhanced linguistic quality resulting from the use of our translation memories.

During 2016, the Centre achieved important milestones with the deployment of the client portal and the freelance portal in eCdT, the Centre’s new translation workflow management system. The Centre also developed the functionalities required in eCdT for the implementation of the new pricing structure.

The Centre continued to actively contribute to interinstitutional and inter-agency cooperation during 2016 and continued to manage the EU interinstitutional terminology database, InterActive Terminology for Europe (IATE). As a flagship project which consists of the largest terminology database in the world, the Centre is justifiably proud of its role in managing the database on behalf of the EU institutional partners. With more than 36.5 million queries for the public website and more than 18.5 million queries for the EU internal institutional website during 2016, IATE is undoubtedly a highly popular tool which epitomises the EU’s achievements in the field of multilingualism.

During 2016, the Centre’s management board approved a new Strategy covering the period 2016-2020 which coincides with the five-year mandate of the director. The Strategy was developed in consultation with our key stakeholders, particularly our staff and our clients. In the context of the Centre operating as a self-financed EU agency, the Strategy is focused on optimising the creation of value for the Centre’s clients while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Centre.

In accordance with the Centre’s dual mandate, the Strategy is based on the twin principles of a quality management approach and a sustainable business model. The Strategy sets out the Centre’s vision to become a centre of excellence for the provision of language services for the EU agencies and bodies by 2020 by focusing on three strategic goals:

  • positioning the Centre as a partner in the holistic provision of language services to clients;
  • enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency; and
  • contributing to interinstitutional cooperation.

Further information is available in the Highlights of the year 2016.