Translation and Diversity

This is the theme chosen by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) to mark International Translation Day 2017. The event is traditionally celebrated on 30 September, the feast of St Jerome who is the patron saint of translators.

This year, the FIT pays a well-deserved tribute to translators and interpreters on its website:

“Each culture in the world should be in control of its destiny. By promoting diversity of cultures and languages, we can hope to create a bright and colourful world, full of possibilities for learning, growing and sharing a peaceful vision for humanity based on mutual respect. We thank translators for their contribution to diversity as we celebrate International Translation Day 2017”.

We, at the Translation Centre, join in the FIT’s fine sentiments and wish our 24 in-house language teams, our huge network of external language service providers and all those working in the translation community a very Happy International Translation Day!

To find out more:
Link to the website of the International Federation of Translators

Special event at the European Parliament in Brussels
The European Parliament is organising an open door event, entitled ‘Multilingualism Day’, on 30 September 2017. Visitors can meet the Parliament’s translators and interpreters and take part in various related activities.


Photo source: International Federation of Translators