The Translation Centre in the Luxembourg press

The Translation Centre in the Luxembourg press

The 16-22 March edition of the Luxembourg weekly Le Jeudi has a special feature on translation in Luxembourg, highlighting the role of the Translation Centre.

Luxembourg is an inherently multilingual country (with three official languages for 570 000 inhabitants) and is home to several translation services, including those of the European institutions. Le Jeudi has therefore decided to issue a special report on translation.

It reveals that the Grand Duchy is a global hub for machine translation, given that the European Commission’s Machine Translation service has been researching the matter for over 40 years from its offices in Luxembourg.

As an EU agency established in Luxembourg since its creation in 1994, the Translation Centre is also the topic of an article. The newspaper highlights in particular the many fields of expertise of the Centre’s 64 clients (pharmacology, intellectual property, migration issues, etc.). It also reports on the academic and professional career of Thierry Fontenelle, Head of the Translation Department, which comprises around 100 in-house translators.

Other articles deal with the automation of translation management processes in a translation office in the private sector, and the evolution of the official languages of the European Union.

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Le Jeudi is allowing free access to its two-page special report on translation to visitors to the Centre’s website.

Read the report in pdf format (page 4 and page 5).