• Management Board

    The Centre is governed by a Management Board, which consists of representatives from the Centre’s clients, a representative from each EU Member State and two representatives from the European Commission.
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    Chairman R. Martikonis
    • Director M. Killoran
      • The Director is the legal representative of the Centre
      • Director's assistant
        • Secretariat
      • Translation Department Read more T. Fontenelle head
        • External Relations and Communication Section
        • Finno-Ugric, Baltic and Slavonic 1 Language Group
        • Germanic and Slavonic 2 Language Group
        • Romance and Mediterranean Language Group
      • Translation Support Department Read more M. Bubnic head
        • Workflow Management Section
        • Business Development and Workflow Support Section
        • Interinstitutional IATE Group
      • Administration Department Read more S. Miggiano head
        • Accounting
        • Budgetary and Strategic Planning Section
        • Legal Affairs Section
        • Facilities and Security Group
        • Human Resources Section
      • IT Department Read more B. Vitale head
        • Project Management Office
        • Development Section
        • Service Desk Section
        • IT Infrastructure Section