Our staff stand together against COVID-19

As per the EU motto, we have always been ‘united in diversity’ at the Translation Centre, and we are now united in adversity. From our home offices, we have created multilingual slogans to remind everyone at the Centre – and beyond – about the basic ways of protecting oneself and others against the new coronavirus.

Since we have 24 language teams at the Translation Centre – and staff who love languages in general – we launched an invitation via our intranet for everyone to create slogans, in their mother tongues, relating to the basic protective measures against the new coronavirus as set out by the World Health Organization. Our staff accepted the challenge and we received proposals in most EU languages.

The slogans have been brought together in four thematic posters which promote protective physical distancing and hygiene measures. As you will see, some of them are pretty catchy and may resonate with us for some time.


Download in PDF format




Download in PDF format




Download in PDF format




Download in PDF format



If all goes well, some of our staff will gradually go back to our offices in Luxembourg City from the end of May. As part of the precautionary measures, we will display the multilingual posters in our hallways to invite everyone to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

We seize the opportunity to thank our staff for their commitment and creativity, which are needed more than ever in difficult times like these.

We have also published the multilingual posters on our social media channels, in the hope that they will reach a large audience. We invite you to share them as well. Every little bit helps!