`Stay at home, save lives!´ in 25 languages

In order to help our stakeholders and policy makers around Europe in their efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging people to stay at home, the Translation Centre asked its language teams for their versions of the slogan ‘Stay at home, save lives!’. The results, in the 24 official EU languages plus Luxembourgish, have been used to create language-specific posters for the each of the 27 EU Member States, and for any other country that wishes to make use of them.

To be precise, the COVID-19 slogan was not ´translated´ into the 24 EU languages but rather ´localised´, i.e. adapted for local audiences. For example, over the past few weeks, some countries preferred to use the familiar ‘you’ for their slogans while others chose the polite form. Likewise, some opted for the singular and others the plural.

On our website, you will find 25 versions of the poster, with each language in the forefront and the other ones below. As the Translation Centre is located in Luxembourg, the poster is also available in Luxembourgish.

Please feel free to share the poster and, by doing so, remind everyone in their own language how they can contribute to reducing the coronavirus crisis.


Poster "Stay at home"

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