The Translation Centre’s leaflet on the Language Consultancy service is now available. The leaflet was created to help our clients get a better understanding of the type of activities provided under this service.

On 26 September every year, the Council of Europe celebrates the European Day of Languages (EDL) to promote language learning and preserve the linguistic richness of our continent.

As the shared language service provider for the EU agencies and other EU bodies and institutions, the Translation Centre has always paid particular attention to ensuring the high quality of its products and meeting its stakeholders’ requirements. With this aim in mind, since 2001, the Centre has had a free after-sales service in place. This was originally based on the Client Satisfaction Form (CSF) which allowed clients to express their satisfaction and submit feedback on the language services provided by the Centre, including requests for fully revised documents.

Managing translation workflows is becoming an increasingly complex task. To such an extent that the universities teaching translation, such as those participating in the European Master’s in Translation (EMT) system, are teaching their students how to manage workflows from A to Z. The Translation Centre (CdT) has collaborated with the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium to share best practices in this field with the students.

Since 2019, the Translation Centre has been engaged in a two-year transformation process following an external study on the Centre as the linguistic shared service provider for the EU Agencies. In this context, the Centre has agreed on a cooperation programme with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to implement a series of IT projects.

Following the announcement on our website that EU terminologists had created a collection of terminology in IATE related to COVID-19 to assist urgent translation requests on the topic, Radio Lingvistika interviewed the IATE Tool Manager and two terminology coordinators from the European Commission and from the Council of the European Union to learn more about this achievement.