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The 45th edition of the Translating and the Computer conference (TC45) once again brought together professionals in the field to discuss translation and technology-related topics.

The CdT’s IATE team offered their insights during two workshops on the EU interinstitutional terminology management system, IATE, run by the Translation Centre.

Organised by AsLing (International Association for Advancement in Language Technology) and held from 20 to 22 November at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg, TC45 provided the perfect opportunity for attendees to engage in interesting discussions on both translation and technology.

Throughout the conference, IATE was referenced in numerous discussions and promoted in two workshops and a paper presentation.

One workshop was co-hosted by the IATE tool manager and the IATE front-end specialist, who presented the newly released IATE public search widget. Websites already embedding the widget were showcased (the Translation Centre, the Ombudsman and the EMCDDA), and participants were guided through the steps to install the widget, available search templates and customisation options. Read our previous article on the integration of the IATE widget to find out more.

The second workshop was led by the IATE tool manager and a central terminology coordinator at the European Parliament’s Terminology Coordination Unit, who gave an overview of the additional features available to public users of IATE. 

Participants learnt how to set user preferences in their IATE account, save frequent queries to reuse search criteria, create bookmark lists for favourite entries, and use the popular download IATE feature for offline use of IATE data.

Finally, two central terminology coordinators from the Commission Directorate General for Translation (DGT) delivered a paper on the IATE data guidelines published in December 2022 outlining the agreed interinstitutional data management principles that EU linguistic tools should follow, and how these are applied in IATE.

The sessions culminated in a panel discussion on ‘Unlocking the potential of semantic technologies in terminology management’, in which the IATE tool manager and a terminology coordinator from the Translation Centre, explained the latest projects in the pipeline, the needs and expectations for semantic technologies (particularly for data mining), the experimental features being explored in IATE and the move towards semantic search planned for the near future.

The Translation and the Computer conference represents a knowledge hub of experts from all around the world, fostering innovative ideas that bridge the gap between translation and technology and set a course for future advancements in the field.