New services as from January 2021: Automatic Transcription, Automatic Translation, Paste ‘n’ Go

As part of the Centre’s two-year transformation plan set in motion in 2019, our key objectives have been to analyse in depth the communication needs or specific multilingual projects of our clients in order to find the best and most cost-effective solutions for them while increasing the competitiveness of our services. 

Combining our know-how with the use of the most advanced and accessible technologies has allowed us to extend the service offer for our clients. From the start of 2021, they will thus be able to benefit from the following three new services: Automatic Transcription, Automatic Translation and Paste ‘n’ Go, the first two resulting from the fruitful cooperation with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO):

Automatic transcription complements the transcription service already available since June this year and builds entirely on the reliable speech-to-text technology integrated into our production workflow. This service may be advantageous for clients who need the written text of a recording quickly, but not necessarily with 100% accuracy.

Automatic translation represents the first step on our way towards modularising our flagship product ‘Translation’. This service relies on the Centre’s custom machine translation engines in combination with our translation memories. The fully automated processing of incoming requests will result in sufficiently comprehensible translations in a very short time and at a highly attractive price.

The Paste ‘n’ Go service has been designed to speed up the process of creating requests and retrieving translations of short, unformatted texts through a dedicated web form on our Client Portal. It will enable clients to reduce costs and turnaround times while obtaining a high-quality translation thanks to a partially automated workflow and the involvement of the Centre’s expert linguists.

The Centre’s diversified service offer responds to our clients’ evolving business language needs and is a proof of our commitment to finding innovative solutions for their future challenges.