Subtitling for the Healthy Workplaces Film Award

Each year since 2009, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) presents the Healthy Workplaces Film Award (HWFA) for the best work-related documentary film. Since 2017, the Centre has been subtitling the award-winning films into various languages, enabling the film directors and EU‑OSHA to reach a wider audience within the EU.

The Healthy Workplaces Film Award honours a documentary film that focuses on the “human being in a changing world of work” and that raise awareness of the importance of safety and health at work. These films can focus on risks at the workplace, workers’ rights, the impact of political and economic change on work, groups facing particular challenges or similar topics.

The award is endowed with EUR 5 000 in prize money. In addition, EU‑OSHA funds the subtitling of the selected films into various EU languages, which facilitates distribution and the organisation of film screenings followed by debates among the Agency’s national focal points across the European Union and in other European countries.

The Centre is pleased to have been at EU-OSHA’s side for the past four editions of the Healthy Workplaces Film Award and to have provided the subtitles for the selected films listed below:

HWFA 2020

  • Automotive (Jonas Heldt | Germany | 2020 | 80’): DE into 3 EU languages (PL, PT, RO).
  • Rules of the Assembly Line, at High Speed (Yulia Lokshina | Germany | 2020 | 92’): DE to 5 EU languages (DE, HU, PT, SK, SL).

HWFA 2019

  • L’île aux oiseaux (Maya Kosa, Sergio Da Costa | Switzerland | 62’): FR into 7 EU languages (DE, ES, HU, NL, PL, SK, SL).

HWFA 2018

  • Marina (Julia Roesler | Germany | 28’): EN into 8 EU languages (ES, ET, HU, LT, PT, RO, SK, SL).

HWFA 2017

  • Before the bridge (Lewis Wilcox | USA | 18’): EN into 13 EU languages (CS, DE, ES, ET, FR, HU, LV, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL).
  • Turtle Shells (Tuna Kaptan | Germany | 30’): DE into 7 EU languages (DE, EN, ES, LV, PT, PL, SL).

Since June 2020, the Centre has further streamlined its workflows to fully integrate speech-to-text technology into its subtitling service. This brings important efficiency gains and facilitates the outsourcing of this service, which enables us to respond to a broad range of requests, from short promotional videos to feature films such as the documentaries subtitled for EU‑OSHA.


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