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In celebration of International Women’s Day, the EU Agencies Network (EUAN) hosted a fruitful discussion among women Executive Directors which resulted in a publication exploring their vital role in reshaping leadership. This dynamic conversation focused on highlighting diverse leadership styles while offering an opportunity to reflect on the growing influence women in managerial positions have. The Translation Centre’s Director was among the contributors and provided insights based on her personal experience as part of the dialogue.

European Union Agencies and Joint Undertakings play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the EU and its citizens by offering policy support, training, advice and expertise across a wide range of critical areas. Each year, one of them coordinates the work of the EUAN by giving an overview of strategic priorities and promoting best practices in different areas.

To mark International Women’s Day, the EUAN invited various women Executive Directors of EU Agencies to an online event where they engaged in an enlightening discussion on redefining leadership. Their inspiring conversations were compiled into a publication by the EUAN and marked a significant milestone as it was the first time in the history of the EUAN that such a topic has been discussed. Among the participants, our Director, Ildikó Horváth, contributed to the dialogue by sharing her experience as Head of the Translation Centre, her impressions of leadership, as well as her personal core values.
The publication encapsulates powerful insights from these women leaders’ personal and professional journeys. The conversation with those interviewed places a special focus on the various management approaches adopted by these leaders and details how they are intertwined with their distinct leadership strategies, as well as the contributions they aim to make during their respective mandates. By encompassing multifaceted aspects of leadership, the publication offers a comprehensive view of its diverse forms and illustrates how leadership can evolve thanks to the influence of women leaders. During these exchanges, words of advice were offered to the audience to encourage participants to challenge themselves and take risks in order to help women to realise their own leadership potential.

Overall, the publication serves as a compelling testament to the diverse perspectives and collective wisdom of these inspiring leaders by offering valuable guidance and encouragement to aspiring leaders who grapple with self-doubt and by urging them to embrace their potential and take on leadership roles.

Read the full publication here.