Programming and reporting

On the basis of the Centre’s Strategy adopted by the Management Board, the Centre updates all related operational multi-annual planning and programming documents to align IT strategy, quality management, staff policy, competence and skills management as closely as possible with its business objectives.

Draft Single Programming Document 2024-2026

Single programming document 2023-2025

Strategy 2024-2027

Procurement plan 2023

Activity report 2021

Amended procurement plan 2022

Highlights of the year 2021


Single Programming Document 2022-2024

Amended strategy 2016-2020 (2021)

Draft Single Programming Document 2023-2025

Activity report 2020

Highlights of the year 2020


Draft single programming document 2021-2023

Amended strategy 2016-2020 (2020)

Amended strategy 2016-2020 (2019)

Activity report 2019

Highlights of the year 2019


Programming document 2020-2022

Amended procurement plan 2019

Activity report 2018

Highlights of the year 2018


Programming document 2019-2021

Highlights of the year 2017


Amended procurement plan 2018

Activity report 2017

Programming document 2018-2020

Draft programming document 2018-2020

Activity report 2016

Amended programming document 2017-2019

Amended procurement plan 2017

Highlights of the year 2016