Like any other smooth-running organisation, the Translation Centre has a single entity at the hub of operations that functions as its driving force. This is the role of the Translation Support Department.

This Department consists of the Workflow Management Section, the Business Development and Workflow Support Section and the Interinstitutional IATE Group.

Workflow Management Section

The Workflow Management Section is responsible for the orderly processing of all language service requests at the Centre, from receipt of the request through to delivery of the final product. The Centre works largely with framework contracts.
The members of the Section are responsible for:

  • receiving, analysing and validating requests, where necessary by negotiation with clients;
  • assigning translation, revision, editing and terminology jobs to in-house and freelance translators;
  • ensuring that the files on which translators have to work are editable and that documents are correctly formatted prior to their delivery to the client;
  • using language technology tools to treat, as far as possible, incoming files;
  • ensuring that all jobs are returned to the requestor by the agreed deadline and in the required form;
  • compiling the information used to invoice the services provided.

The Section provides linguistic and technical support to translators throughout the translation workflow. Furthermore, it provides training courses in the various fields it covers (e.g. use of technology).

Business Development and Workflow Support Section

The Business Development and Workflow Support Section consists of several sub-components:

  • The Business Development capacity, whose aim is to monitor trends and innovations related to the linguistic services business (tools, working methods and new services) and to analyse how the Centre can best help its clients meet their communication needs;
  • The Corpus and Terminology Management Team, which supplies and maintains specialised language resources and tools in the field of terminology, reference documentation, translation memories and machine translation;
  • The EU Trade Marks and Designs Team, which manages the entire workflow for the translation of EU trade marks and designs;

Interinstitutional IATE Group

The Interinstitutional IATE Group and the EurTerm (interinstitutional collaborative platform for terminologists) coordinator are hosted by the Centre on behalf of the IATE project partners