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Tribunal de Cuentas Europeo

The European Court of Auditors is the EU institution established by the Treaty to carry out the audit of EU finances. It is located in Luxembourg. As the EU’s external auditor, it contributes to improving EU financial management and acts as the independent guardian of the financial interests of the citizens of the European Union. The Court cooperates with the Centre in the field of terminology.

Banco Europeo de Inversiones

The EIB’s mission is to further the objectives of the European Union by making long-term finance available for sound investment. The EIB was created by the Treaty of Rome, its shareholders are the Member States and its Board of Governors is composed of the Finance Ministers of these States.

Agencia Ejecutiva de Consumidores, Salud, Agricultura y Alimentación

La Agencia Ejecutiva de Consumidores, Salud y Alimentación (Chafea) es la sucesora de la Agencia Ejecutiva de Salud y Consumidores (EAHC), creada por la Comisión Europea en 2006 para ejecutar:

  • el Programa de Salud Pública
  • el Programa de Consumidores (a partir de 2008)
  • la iniciativa de mejora de la formación para aumentar la seguridad alimentaria (a partir de 2008).