El Centro de Traducción de los Órganos de la Unión Europea (en lo sucesivo, «el Centro») es una agencia de la Unión Europea (UE). Establecido en Luxemburgo en 1994, su misión principal es proporcionar servicios lingüísticos y de traducción a las demás agencias descentralizadas de la UE. También puede ayudar a las instituciones y organismos de la UE que cuentan con sus propios servicios de traducción cuando existan picos de trabajo o en proyectos específicos. En total, el Centro traduce para casi 70 clientes. A finales de 2020, contaba con un total de 220 agentes, que incluye a funcionarios, agentes temporales y personal contractual. MÁS INFORMACIÓN  

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Europe Day Festival 2023

Europe Day Festival 2023

Every year, the 9th of May provides the occasion to celebrate peace and unity in the European Union. EU organisations and Member States have joined the Europe Day Festival in Place de l’Europe in Luxembourg, welcoming high numbers of citizens that were willing to learn more about the work we do together.

Working Smarter: Innovative Tech for Efficient Language Services (JIAMCATT 2023)


The International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT) 2023 took place from 3 to 5 May in Turin, Italy, with a hybrid format that allowed for both in-person and remote participation. The event attracted a diverse array of professionals, researchers and experts in the field of translation, terminology and language technology.

The Centre’s Highlights 2022 are out!

cover of the new brochure Highlights of the year 2022

We have just published our Highlights of the year 2022, after our Director presented them at the Translation Centre’s Management Board meeting on 16 March.

8th Translation Contact Network Meeting

8th Translation Contact Network

Some 65 representatives from 33 EU Agencies, Institutions and other bodies attended the Centre’s 8th annual Translation Contact Network, which was held online on 21 March 2023. This time, the focus was on the Centre’s multi-engine machine translation strategy and related quality assurance, ELA’s translation workflow involving national authorities, and good practice-sharing in the area of request and feedback management.

Meeting ELA’s national translation coordinators

Meeting ELA’s national translation coordinators

On 16 February, two representatives from the Centre met the European Labour Authority (ELA) and its national translation coordinators to review the functioning of the ELA Translation Facility. This Facility consists of a workflow that enables Member State authorities to create translation requests on the Centre’s Client Portal for texts complying with predefined eligibility criteria, and the ELA is able to validate these requests and control the budget consumption per Member State.