Using the right terminology for occupational safety and health

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has just released a multilingual thesaurus specialised in the activities it is in charge of. The Translation Centre worked on this project together with the Agency based in Bilbao (Spain), and provided equivalents in 23 EU languages plus Icelandic and Norwegian.

The multilingual thesaurus containing 2 000 entries offers language equivalents, definitions, references to sources and contexts, as well as term groupings in hierarchies. All the translations have been revised by the Agency’s national focal points to ensure their accuracy.

The thesaurus is available on EU-OSHA’s website in two formats. You can either use the search engine, or you can download the complete file in an Excel format (see EU-OSHA thesaurus - Safety and health at work - EU-OSHA (

The aim of EU-OSHA’s thesaurus is twofold: such resources help translators use the correct terminology in their daily work, and, in addition, the terms can be used to tag any type of content, enabling people to find information related to occupational safety and health more easily.

Last year, the CdT translated nearly 14 000 pages for EU-OSHA, which is an agency truly committed to multilingualism. On its website, it states that ‘multilingualism is a vital element of inclusive communication in the European Union and for any pan-European organisation. Making the information, analysis and tools that EU-OSHA develops available in multiple languages means that the Agency can reach more people.’