Discover the brand-new IATE search!

In July 2021, a new version of the interinstitutional EU terminology database, IATE, was released. The main upgrade relates to the search, which has been completely redesigned to offer two views and more flexibility.

There are now two displays for the search and its results: standard view vs interpreters’ view. IATE users are already acquainted with the first view. The second view was devised to meet the needs of the EU institutions’ interpreters: the search options have been reorganised and results are displayed in a table.

The new release offers a more user-friendly way to refine searches by adding criteria directly from the search results (e.g. a domain or owner), and to launch a new search by simply double-clicking on a term.

It also includes a convenient dedicated tab ‘Search by collection’.

External registered users (consult the IATE Handbook to find out how to create an account) can benefit from some extra features:

  • IATE entries can be bookmarked and saved in lists for later consultation. Bookmark lists can be shared or exported.
  • User preferences offer many more possibilities, such as setting the display order of languages in the interpreters’ view and setting default values for some search filters. In addition, a quick link to set user preferences has been added to the search screen.
  • External registered users can now filter by collection in the basic search or via the ‘Download IATE’ feature. Nearly 400 thematic collections are currently available.


Further information

Check out these short brochures for an overview of the new search features: