The Translation Centre’s Advent calendar on French radio!

Every day French radio station France Bleu Lorraine plays its listeners different snippets found on the internet and social media. Its ‘like’ for Friday 13 December 2019 was a huge and wonderful surprise for us: the Translation Centre’s Advent calendar in 24 languages was the hit of the day!

In their podcast, the radio presenters opened several doors in the Centre’s Advent calendar and gave listeners the chance to discover the sound of different European languages.

They emphasised that these languages constituted an asset for Europe and that translation enabled Europe to remain united in diversity. They also paid tribute to the ‘huge work of translation for all of Europe’.

As previously mentioned on our website, the Advent calendar in 24 languages gives Translation Centre staff the opportunity to be heard, and includes primarily translators from the Baltic, Finno-Ugric, Germanic, Slavonic, Romance and Mediterranean language groups.

You can listen to these messages on the Translation Centre’s website as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.