The International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT) 2023 took place from 3 to 5 May in Turin, Italy, with a hybrid format that allowed for both in-person and remote participation. The event attracted a diverse array of professionals, researchers and experts in the field of translation, terminology and language technology.

Stella Hodkin, Chief Language Services Officer at CLEAR Global/Translators without Borders, delivered an inspiring keynote speech on embracing innovative language technology for a more equitable and inclusive future. She emphasised the importance of leveraging technology to break language barriers and promote global understanding.

The meeting featured numerous presentations and panel discussions, covering topics such as machine translation (MT) strategies, artificial intelligence in translation, and machine translation quality prediction.

One noteworthy presentation was given by Daniel Marín Buj and Mauro Bubnic from the CdT. Their presentation focused on the practical implementation of the Centre’s multi-engine MT strategy (see the attached presentation). It attracted considerable attention and was followed by numerous requests for more details.

Participants had the opportunity to engage in workshops and interactive sessions, such those entitled ‘The End of Human Language’, which focused on i) new AI use cases, the challenges of using AI systems, and their impact on work, ii) how to address the dangers and risks, and iii) a hands-on exploration of prompt engineering, i.e. the rising new art of mastering AI through human language. As expected, ChatGPT was very much the buzzword of the workshops and of the meeting.

The event also provided a platform for online demos and participants were able to network, fostering connections and collaborations among professionals in the field. The closing plenary session featured feedback on the event, recommendations for the future, and a discussion on the JIAMCATT 2024 meeting. With its diverse range of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions, JIAMCATT 2023 successfully brought together experts in language technology to explore innovative solutions for a more inclusive future.