The Translation Centre’s leaflet on the Language Consultancy service is now available. The leaflet was created to help our clients get a better understanding of the type of activities provided under this service.

As we wish to offer not just linguistic assistance but also to cover all the potential communication needs of our clients, we have fully reviewed and adapted the Language Consultancy service, considering both our linguistic competencies and the strong technical skills of our teams. As part of the Language Consultancy service, the Centre can propose the creation and maintenance of customised neural machine translation engines. To make it easier for our clients to interact with their stakeholders, we can also set up and design specific workflow systems. Bearing in mind that one of our main objectives is that the final product is accurate, we are able to provide technical and linguistic pre-editing of the original material to improve its final quality and processing. You will discover this and more in the leaflet that you can consult on our website. From our side, we will continue to analyse our clients’ specific multilingual communication projects in order to provide them with our help, guidance and expertise, and to achieve the best possible solution together.